Puppy Sale Contract


Buyer’s Name:________________________________

Home Address:________________________________                 

Phone #:_____________________________________

Email Address:________________________________

Sire Name:___________________________________

Sire Registration#:_____________________________

Dam Name:__________________________________

Dam Registration#:____________________________

The Breeder Agrees:

  • That the purchased puppy is in good health at the time of sale. 
  • That the purchased puppy will be up to date on appropriate vaccinations and given appropriate deworming medication.
  • To supply buyer with shot record, registration papers or any other necessary paper work
  • That the purchased puppy is free from genetic diseases EIC, CNM and PRA.

The Buyer Agrees:

  • That the purchased puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter and housed securely.

  • That the purchased puppy shall not be neglected, allowed to roam free, or be mistreated in any manner.

  • That the purchased puppy shall receive proper veterinary care throughout its life, receiving annual inoculations and placed on a heartworm preventative.

  • To have the puppy examined within 72 hours of purchase date by a veterinarian. If the puppy is found to be ill by a licensed veterinarian and is to be returned due to illness, a letter from the veterinarian is required.

  • That the purchased puppy shall receive proper nutrition and care.

  • That the purchased puppy will receive proper training and socialization.

  • To finish all puppy vaccines before taking the puppy out in public. 

  • To return the puppy to the Breeder if for any reason the Buyer no longer wants to or is unable to keep it and to allow the breeder first chance to purchase the dog back. 



It is impossible to state that a puppy will be completely free of genetic imperfections. In our breeding program, we only breed females with an OFA rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT and CERF rating of CLEAR, to males certified with an OFA rating of GOOD or EXCELLENT and CERF rating of CLEAR. We feel that by adhering to these standards, we are reducing the risk of producing a defective pup or litter. Therefore, we offer this HIP and EYE guarantee, providing that the buyer complies with this agreement

Firefly Retrievers guarantees the purchased puppy to be free of the inherited genetic diseases EIC, PRA and CNM. Any puppy purchased from Firefly Retrievers that is found to have retinal, hip or elbow dysplasia prior to 26 months of age will be given a full refund. In order for this guarantee to be honored, buyer must abide by the following rules:

1. The dog must be x-rayed by a competent veterinarian and evaluated by O.F.A. between 24 months and 26 months of age.

2. Eyes must be evaluated by a board certified veterinarian ophthalmologist by 26 months of age.

3. In the event the dog is suspected of being severely or moderately dysplastic. Firefly Retrievers requires a second evaluation by a licensed/board certified veterinarian of the breeder's choice at the buyer’s expense.

4. O.F.A shall be the sole judge regarding hips and elbows.  

5. CERF shall be the sole judge of hereditary eye problems.

6. The dog must not be used for breeding until x-rayed and approved by OFA and CERF.

7. The dog’s registration papers and copy of this agreement must be returned to Firefly Retrievers.

8. The guarantee must be in the original owners name and is non-transferable to new owner.   

9. Proof of spay/neuter must be provided to the breeder. 

10. The dog must not have been spayed or neutered prior to 18 months of age. 

 By signing below, both parties, Breeder and Buyer, agree to abide by the contents of this contract


Breeder Signature_______________                                      Buyer Signature_______________