HRCH Washita's Kimber Locked N Loaded

(HRCH Beaver's Dakota Cajun Beau MH X Washita's Sky's The Limit MH)

OFA hips Good
OFA elbows Normal
EIC Clear
CNM Clear
PRA Clear
Dilute Free
55 lbs

Kimber has been 100% amateur trained by myself. She is a joy to have in the duck blind and field hunting dove, ducks or geese. She is very athletic, lighting fast, and very quiet. She is a lot of fun to train and is always willing and ready to work with a great attitude. She runs hard on marks and blinds. In addition to her field abilities she's great in the house. She lives inside with my family and is excellent with my two young daughters.


Firefly's Rally The Troops

(NFC Two River's Lucky Willie X Baypoint's Leather N Lace MH)

Rally is the up and comer. She is extremely birdy with a ton of desire. She is already showing that she is gong to have outstanding marking ability. She has a very sweet demeanor and we are looking forward to see what the future hold for her.